Skin Gym is taking the Aesthetica concept further by combining traditional, advanced and medical-grade treatments and then streamlining costs to offer the highest performing skin management possible.

This customised series of treatment "steps" follow the principles of whole body fitness with your therapist as your "personal trainer" to deliver the most focused attention to improve the health and beauty of your skin.

What are the treatment steps?

1. Detox

2. Tone

3. Nutrition

4. Strength training

5. Refinement

6. Rewards

How much does it cost to become a Skin Gym member?


How much will each step cost me?

$99 (or add $50 for a "Platinum" upgrade)

How many treatments do I get per step?

One or two depending on what is needed.

How does Skin Gym work?

Skin Gym is a "membership" concept where you receive a series of treatments over 6 months and much more! The steps are specifically designed to take you and your skin along a process of improvement through treatments of detoxification, toning, feeding, strengthening, and refining the texture of the skin. Then, be rewarded with a delicious complimentary body treatment on your final visit.

What does the Skin Gym membership include?

You will receive a Skin Gym bag of goodies to start your journey including detox foot patches, a kuu konjac facial sponge, products, referrals, magnesium salts and much more! 

During the Membership you receive 10% off all beauty services and skincare products you purchase.

On successful completion of the program you will receive a complimentary body treatment voucher to the value of $100.

Most importantly you will have your very own PST (Personal Skincare Trainer) during the course of your membership, who will embark on this journey with you and ensure that you are looked after every step of the way to achieve the best possible results over the course of the program.

What will my Personal Skincare Trainer help me with?

Your PST will help you complete all the treatment steps therefore working towards optimum skin health and a healthier you! She will also complete a Skin Health Check, a skin analysis and prescribe correct home-care products. 


Graduated from Skin Gym? Or just looking for great value across the entire salon menu?

Introducing Club Aesthetica, our very own salon VIP club membership offering a range of special grooming solutions and access to our full hair, traditional beauty therapy and clinical skin menus at exclusive member only prices for a full year!

What's included?

1. A suite of complimentary grooming services (hairdressing / eye couture / massage / pedicure) for you or a friend to enjoy anytime over the course of your membership and valued at up to $300.

2. Extreme VIP prices on the skin therapy and clinical skin treatment menus.

3. 10% off all other menu services and all retail products right across the salon.

4. A take home gift from our hair department when you join.